Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Today I introduced the Lil' Bean to MARKERS! She loved them! And I love using markers with toddlers....they are easy to mark with--you don't have to push very hard to get them to write. Sometimes pens and crayons are more difficult for toddlers because they don't have the motor control to push hard consistently.

Q loves taking the lids off and putting them back on. Excellent fine motor practice! By the way, I usually prefer using Crayola Markers, as the lids go on better--off brands can be hard to snap on or they don't stay on well. And who likes dried out markers????

I always teach my students to listen for the "click" when snapping the lids on to make sure it is on correctly. All ages love this--from toddlers to elementary! We always say "CLICK" as we fasten the lid.

For right now we are just storing a few markers at a time in an old blueberry container. Later I want to make her a marker block (like the crayon block). In my old toddler classroom we glued the lids just above the top of the block so the kids could just pull the markers out and put them back without having to keep track of the lid.

Also, when initially using markers I only allow one out at a time.

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