Thursday, February 18, 2010

Highlighting tape--it's wonderful!

You can buy it at any teacher supply store (you really just need one color) and it lasts forever....Or I have also made it and it's soooo easy!

Teach your kids how to do it...they will love it!

Here's How:

Get a roll of scotch tape--the opaque kind, not the clear kind. Tear off several pieces in different lengths. You may want to cut a piece in half lengthwise to make a skinny piece. Stick them to a piece of fabric (ideally a white piece, but here I used my green pantleg). Pull them off and stick them on again. They are loosing some stickiness, which will prevent them from getting too stuck onto your book as you highlight.

Stick the tape onto a piece of scratch paper. With a light-colored permanent marker (or permanent highlighter), color each piece of tape.

Find somewhere to keep your tape. I like putting it on a plastic ruler, leaving the edge hanging off so I can grab it easily.

And here it is in action in one of our books!

Use it for highlighting whatever your child is currently working on. Punctuation marks, letters, words, numbers, etc. Send your child on a search with it!

I have also saved food boxes (cereal, granola bars, pasta, etc.) and combined those with highlighter tape and sent my students on "word hunts" to find words or letters they know.