Monday, February 8, 2010

February Curriculum....babies!

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I chose "Babies" as our February curriculum because Q is very interested in babies. Both her baby dolls at home and babies she sees everywhere we go.

On the chart above, the first row are mostly activities Q will practice fairly independently through tablework in her learning room--kept on her shelf mostly. I will begin elaborating on these at the month continues.
The second row are activities I will work one-on-one with her on....Many are new skills I am introducing.

I follow the Parents As Teachers monthly milestones for an overall concept of what various skills she should be developing and the milestones help guide the activities I choose for the month.

We are pretty flexible around here...It is almost mid-Feb and I am still creating some of the work and still changing things out. I think this is okay, because if I change a little at a time it doesn't overwhelm her as much. Or me. :)

So keep watching as I describe the different work and add photos!
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