Monday, January 11, 2010

Beginning Writing

Lil Q has started insisting on doing some writing whenever she sees Mommy doing such. Today I was compiling a meal plan and grocery list and she wanted to do some writing work of her own. So we got the crayons, a pencil and some scrap paper and she set to work!
I need to figure out a system that works for our house to collect scrap paper that is accessible for Q's writing work. That will be tumbling around in my brain this week...
She got a chubby pencil and some chubby crayons for Christmas.....Good timing!
I could definitely tell today that crayons spread across the table (and eventually floor) were not going to work out.
So I made THIS tonight.

Made from a small block of wood I found in the garage. Definitely a function over form piece, but it does the trick! I drilled holes with M's 1/2 inch bit. In the near future I will paint around each hole with the color of the corresponding crayon so it will help Q practice her colors, as well.
With this crayon holder, I can teach her to take one out at a time and to replace it before choosing another. There is a bigger hole in the middle to hold pencils and pens and eventually scissors.
When I taught preschool we had a separate one for crayons, colored pencils and markers.

If you are interested, Home Depot has a scrap box in the lumber section with pieces of wood for free or less than a dollar and they will cut them for free. Take your cute kid and the crayons or markers you want to use and explain to the friendly Home Depot worker what you are doing and hopefully they will be helpful!
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