Thursday, February 25, 2010

A bedtime book we're lovin'!

We have had Time for Bed by Mem Fox checked out from the library for a month and a half now. It is the BEST bedtime story! It has simple text that rhymes, which is great for phonemic awareness. The animals are all adorable and the storyline is very sweet!
Q loves making the animal sounds for each animal and seeing the "baby" sleeping at the end. She likes to say, "night, night!"
I love that this book is great for all ages. Infants would enjoy the methodical sound of the lyrics and the illustrations, toddlers love the different animals, and preschoolers would enjoy learning the names of baby animals (ie: baby horse is a foal) and picking up on the rhymes.

A great extension for older kiddos would be to write a few more pages with other animals or even the names of family members.

It's time for bed, little Matt, little Matt. No arguing from you, and THAT is THAT!

Sweet dreams!