Monday, February 8, 2010

Tins of babies...

I have two sizes of tins. One has a clear lid and was $1 at Michaels. The other I had around the house and I modge podged some scrapbook paper to the top to cover the writing for whatever product used to be inside.
I bought some plain wooden people at Michaels and painted them with different colors to make different skin shades. I just mixed differing amounts of brown, yellow, orange and white. Then I painted their clothes. Faces were drawn on with a sharpee.
The tins give good practice opening and closing. Q still needs help opening them a lot, but she is getting better at putting the tops on herself. I stuck with round tins right now rather than square or rectangle, because round is simpler. You don't have to line the corners up, which is better for starting out with opening and closing work. One wooden baby fits in the littler tin and all of them will fit in the big one (and the lids will close). This is beginning to teach Q some concepts about volume (how much an object will hold). Soon I will show her how to fit the smaller tin inside the larger one!

We will also count the babies as we put them in the tins, and learn how to dump from the smaller tin into the bigger one.
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