Saturday, February 6, 2010

Recycling Paper for the Q

Q is very much into writing these days! I decided we needed a place to store scrap paper we save for her. Anytime we have paper that is blank on one side or that would be interesting for Q to write on (envelopes, mailers, magazines, those little cards you send away for magazine subscriptions that come a dozen to every magazine....) we put it in here.
I bought a plain cardboard magazine holder (set of 5 for $3 at Ikea). I have also made them before by cutting down a cereal box. I covered it with some cute scrapbook paper and modgepodged over it. We keep it in our "computer nook" (those of you who have been in my house know I am using the term "computer nook" very loosely...) and add all our scrap paper. When Q is ready to write, I pull out a few different choices and let her go to town! I also try to include different colors and textures of paper. Glossy, cardstock, greeting cards, etc.

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