Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A spot of her own in the studio

I try to keep all of my studio time sewing and making to occur during Q's naptime, but it doesn't always work out that way, and as a result she is in there with me. I decided this week it's time for her to have a little spot of her own. I "shopped the house" (and garage) and set up this little area. I started with a big mirrow (reclaimed out of someone's garbage...needs some paint someday) to protect the wall from scribbles and provide some visual interest. I put a rag rug on the floor to protect the carpet. The table is a little plant bench we had outside. The chair is just a little one she had that wasn't being used. All I put out for materials right now are two pencils--a mechanical orange colored pencil and a regular pencil. She has her crayons and big pencils downstairs in the playroom, so I wanted to provide some different choices up in the studio. I also needed them to be materials she can be fairly independent with. She eats crayons, so she has to be supervised with those, and pens also need supervision, so for now it's the pencils! Later we will add more materials and perhaps a larger work table. I have all my paper accessible on different trays (I'll post a photo soon!), so she can get paper on her own. I am anxious for her to try out her little spot!
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