Sunday, February 14, 2010

My number one suggestion on getting kids to read.....

Keep books EVERYWHERE.
In the bathroom, the car, every bedroom, the living room, kitchen (Q likes to "read" my cookbooks occasionally!), etc. Good books--rotate them regularly and become GOOD FRIENDS with your library! This photo is in the living room--we keep a stash between the couch and coffee table. I always move the books we have just finished using in conjunction with our past month's curriculum to the living room so Q can "review" them if she wants. These books have become familiar to her in the past month, so she likes to revisit her favorites and this gives her a chance to keep the comfort of familiar books while still being exposed to new books in the learning room.

So...when we finish February's "baby" curriculum, I will move those books out next to the sofa and replace them with the next month's curriculum in the learning room.
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