Monday, February 8, 2010

Peg work

A predecessor to lacing and stringing is fitting spools onto pegs. It's fabulous fine motor work that helps get children ready for writing. I happened to have this pegboard from some old math manipulatives, but before I remembered about it, I had bought a plain wooden plaque at Michael's for $1 (see below). My plan was to have Matt pound some nails (with heads small enough for the pegs to fit over) into the plaque to make a peg board.
I bought wooden spools at Michaels. I am saving some empty thread spoons that I can use for this type of work another time, as well. Anyhow, since the single spools were possibly a choking hazard, I superglued two together to make a tall spool. Also easier to grasp for little fingers. I painted them pretty colors and there ya go! Instant pegboard.
Plaque and spools.....
Really large wooden beads could also be used for this work.

We also practice counting (from left to right) and colors through this work.
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