Saturday, February 6, 2010

Starting on the colors

We are starting to expose Q to colors and point out the different colors she encounters. Most of this is done through our everyday activities. We always talk about what color each article of her clothing in, what color our dishes are, what colors we see in books, etc. I also made her three little color magnets for the fridge. I used plastic circles that are part of a shapes set. You could also use cardboard cutouts or container lids. I used only circles--when teaching a skill like this, it's best to only change one attribute at a time. It might be confusing if I used three different shapes in three different colors initially....although once she starts understanding her colors better this would be fine.
Anyhow, I just superglued round magnets onto the backs and voila! She is already very interested in the circles, and I'll have you know that according to her, all three of them are blue. :) This demonstrates she is indeed learning her colors--she understands blue is a color and it applies to different objects--an early stage of color awareness! When she is working with her circles on the fridge, Matt or I simply point to the one she is holding on one on the fridge and tell her its color.
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