Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What's the point of having lesson plans....and the monthy scripture explained.

I always keep a copy of my monthly "lesson plan" posted in the learning room. This helps me take advantage of small windows of time to provide some focused teaching for Q. We don't have lessons every day, but I do try to find a small niche of time I can work with her as often as possible. For now this is just 5-10 minutes, as her attention span is short. I have started trying to push her focusing longer and longer, as I want her to learn persistance with her work. I do this by helping her choose some work (often I "direct" her choice to something I know she hasn't used much or needs lots of practice with) and then we begin working together. If she loses interest and tries to leave (for now we work on the big rug on the floor--later we will move to the little table and individual rugs) I redirect her to the task at hand. Often this means pulling her into my lap and showing her some "neat" aspect of the work we are using to reinvolve her. Through "stretching" her attention, I am teaching her to focus on her work until it is completed. Sometimes I have to "refocus" her several times, other times not at all. If she completely refuses to refocus or gets upset about continuing the work, I let her move onto something else. For now I want to use gentle redirection that will get more intense as she gets older and is able to sit still and concentrate for longer periods of time.

Anyhow, back to my posted lesson plans....having them accessible provides a chance for me to glance at the plans and be reminded of some of Q's goals and make a quick decision as to what we will work on that day. If full blown lesson plans aren't for you, jot a short list of activities/work you would like to do together with your child and post it.

Also, inspired by my friend Erin, I have started choosing a montly focus verse for Q. I don't have her memorize it, but rather I talk about it to her all month. She is very interested in stars right now, so I chose a verse about how Jesus wants us to "shine like stars," so whenever we see stars I can remind her of this and begin imprinting scripture on her little heart.

Inside the cabinet door I keep a copy of the Parents as Teachers Milestones for Q's age, which also helps me remember the general areas she is developing right now. This helps me focus on what things I can do to encourage this development.