Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Stuff to Glue

One thing I am loving lately is Q showing a little initiative and independence with the art cabinet. This morning I was finishing up some work on the computer and she announced she was going to glue. Once I said ok, she opened up the ART CABINET, got out some paper, some glue, her scissors and some snowflake sequins from the art cabinet and went to town creating a masterpiece!

My mom bought her a couple little packages of different sequins to glue--snowflakes and hearts. (Hobby Lobby has TONS of neato, cheap little packages of things to glue both in the regular craft section and also in the seasonal area). These are great because she can work with them herself. She loves the independence and she is meanwhile practicing great fine motor skills! And making some pretty art! Her signature on a piece of artwork is several slashes with scissors into the sides of the paper. You can se the edge of one on the far left side of the paper. :)

Having art materials ready and reachable for lil ones is a great way to foster more art-doing in the house!
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