Thursday, January 13, 2011

New instruments

We keep instruments out in our learning room all the time. You can see in the top picture--that's the instrument basket on the shelf. We've gotten a few new ones lately to tell you about. In the bottom picture--you can see the set of handbells Q got for her birthday. The sweet friend even included a basket to keep them in! Q LOVES these, and so does every other child who comes to our house! She has had so much fun playing with them. You can get a set at educational stores and I've also seen them at Michael's Craft Stores.
Also, for Christmas some friends brought Q the frog instrument from somewhere overseas (yes, I should know where and what it's called, I know)....You make music by dragging the stick down its back and it actually sounds like a frog croaking if you do it fast. Q also plays it like a drum sometimes. The last instrument is a simple bell with a ribbon tied through the top for holding.
We do instruments to accompany our songs during our Circle Time. We try to refer to all the instruments by their names (for the ones we know...ahem.)
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