Thursday, January 20, 2011

Clipping Work

Q is interested in clothespins (on chip bags, when I line dry laundry, on our daily calendar, etc.) but has not mastered them. So I knew it was time for this work! I found several different types and sizes of clips. I also found a box that was very stiff and had smooth edges, so that the clips wouldn't have to fit over a ledge or anything. I've used tupperware with straight edges before in my classroom, but we had this box from some Christmas chocolates and it was perfect-o!
For now she can just clip and unclip them (initially with help from us).

To add a challenge, especially with my preschoolers, I traced around the bottom part of the clip, where it touches the box, so they have the challenge of figuring out which exact clip goes where.

For infants, they will just enjoy playing with the clips (make sure they are all large ones) for now, and putting them in and out of the box. This would be a great time to bring in the "coffee can/oatmeal tub with a hole in the lid" for them to drop the clips in and shake them out!!

This activity promotes fine motor, problem solving and is practical life!
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