Thursday, January 13, 2011

Making our own art

I've seen this project popping up all around lately....primarily it's been done using the letters to make the child's name. I've been wanting a simple ABC artwork, and when I saw some sale canvases recently, I knew it was time for this project!

First you stick letter stickers on your canvas. Stick em down really well!
Use permanent paint (acrylic) to paint over the whole canvas--tip: use colors in the same color family, otherwise they all blend together and turn brown. I put out (in an egg carton) purple, turquoise, blue, light green, and navy. I always try to include at least one metallic paint cause I love the finish it gives. In this case I used metallic purple. Make sure everything gets covered in paint, even the stickers. AND the sides.
Let the paint dry for about an hour (but not TOOO long), and then peel off the stickers. If you have any places that didn't get enough paint, you can always take a small brush and go back to touch up.
Love this project we created together!

PS) If you try to go in straight rows with your letters, better draw a ruler line. I always do a wavy-ish line so I don't have to obsess over whether the letters are all lined up straight. Less measuring that way!
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