Monday, January 10, 2011

Valentine Button Wreath

Last week we started the first of our Valentine projects! A button wreath.
It was simple and fun and encouraged some great toddler skills.
Here's what we did:
Used a piece of scrap cardboard from our recycle box. Traced around a large circle puzzle piece to make the outside, and the bottom of an olive jar for the inside. I did all the cutting on the cardboard using sharp scissors and Q and I talked about the shapes.

I set out a pile of buttons (that I had already sorted out into one pile that included white, pink, and reds). I gave Q a muffin tin and asked her to sort the buttons by color. She was a speedy sorter and had them in their respective compartments in no time. For kids new to sorting, you might cut a circle of construction paper in each color to tape in the bottom of each muffin compartment to help them know where each color goes.

Then we used our trusty glue bottles and got to work sticking on buttons! I did mine (right) several layers thick and Q tried to cover most of the cardboard. I was proud of how well she did! We actually did the gluing in two sessions--she put about 8 on and got bored, so we took another stab at it after naptime and she was very engaged!

Now to tie some pretty ribbon on mine and hang it somewhere in our house! Q has already gifted hers to someone special!

This activity encourages size awareness (when talking about the different buttons), counting (holes in the buttons), color awareness, sorting, fine motor, and gross motor (squeezing glue bottle).
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