Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Last year's Valentine Book

I made a baggie book for her Valentines from last year. Simple and very versitile project!

*buy a package of freezer zipper bags (if you can get plain ones, do it. I couldn't find them so they have the little white part for writing on them. yuck)
*decide how many "pages" you want in your book.
*staple the tops (non zipper end) of 2 bags together (or sew--I used a regular stitch then a zig zag for durability)
*keep adding an additional bag and stapling/sewing until all your bags are added
*if you used staples, cover the top of your bag (over your staples) with wide tape--you can buy all colors of masking tape!
*if you sewed, you can sew around the edges of a wide ribbon to wrap around the top of your bag


Now decide how to fill your bag.
-Who Loves Baby? book with pics of family
-animal pictures from computer or magazine
-Things that are Green (or blue or red....)
-you can make a book with any theme, and change it out when you're ready!

**if you want to tape along the bottom of the zipper part once you've put in your pictures, use wide clear tape folded over. **

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