Friday, July 30, 2010

Art Cabinet

We have a cabinet in our dining room that held some extra dishes and cookbooks. Today I cleaned it out, got rid of some things we don't even use, relocated some other items and repurposed it for an art cabinet for our kitchen school. I LOVE IT! It holds all of the materials we need on a daily basis--paint, glue, tape, stapler, paper, crayons, markers, gluesticks, scissors and paintbrushes. They are right next to the table where we'll use them and I loved how organized they are! This will make art projects so much easier!
Today I am challenging you to find a place to store all your child's art materials together in an organzied fashion. Be creative and try to see your space in a new light and maybe you'll find a new use for something you never thought about before! I also love that this cabinet is at Q's level, so when she has my permission, she can get out her own supplies. We may need to temporarily lock the doors shut until she's past the eating crayons and writing on the walls stage, but that won't last much longer!
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