Monday, January 24, 2011

Fine Motor beads

This was an activity we did every year during Mardi Gras at a preschool where I worked in the past. We cut apart mardi gras beads into strands of 3-4-5 and 6 beads (make sure they are tightly tied and that your kids aren't mouthing objects and are closely supervised, of course). I raided Q's beads and got to cutting! I put out a small plastic set of tweezers and a set of tongs and a formula scoop for transferring the beads. Q is having so much fun with the beads--I am finding them everywhere--she likes to incorporate them into her cooking, put them in her purse, and even in her baby stroller!
For younger kids, you could just cut the strands a lot longer.......
These would be great for dropping into a 2-liter bottle or even cutting up a bunch of them, filling a jar and making a shaker for a baby!
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