Monday, January 31, 2011

Baby Love

Was sewing a simple heart garland for our dining room tonight...and ended up with two extra felt heart pairs. What to do? Make baby toys!

How to:

Cut 2 hearts from felt--they can be the same size or one can be slightly larger--whatever you prefer!

Sew around the heart, leaving about 1 inch open on a straight side for filling (backstitck several times before you stop).
(I used a machine, but you could also sew this very easily by hand--embroidery floss would be perfect for this task! Just use small stitches....)

Fill with dried beans--not too many--you want to leave room for them to rattle when the heart is shaken!

Finish sewing--I went ahead and did an extra "lap" around the whole heart again just to be sure it's secure.

I then used a lighter to gently "seal" the outside heart by running the lighter's flame quickly around the edge of the felt so that it won't pull apart when sucked on by little ones.

For the second heart, instead of the dried beans, I filled it with 6 tiny jingle bells!

Crunchy plastic, paper, small wooden beads, or even rice would also make good fillings....

These are perfect for babies who are learning cause and effect, how to hold and manipulate items, and how to explore with their hands and mouths.

These festive toys will be gifted tomorrow to a sweet lil' one we know!
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