Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Washing Baby

Doll washing is a classic toddler/preschool montessori activity that is a big hit with little ones. Q was gifted with a hand-crocheted washcloth (it is actually a potholder for her little kitchen, but she decided it was for washing pink for us!) and she wanted to give Pink Baby a bath with it. I put about an inch of water in the bowl of her sink (or any bowl would work). We get a towel for drying ready and then a washcloth. I love this crocheted cloth because it doesn't soak up too much water. Regular washcloths get too soppy for my little one, who doesn't know how to squeeze out excess water yet. She LOVES this activity.

For older infants, give them a moist washcloth or a wipe and let them wash their baby.

For preschoolers you can add more elements. Provide a very tiny bottle of soap. Teach them to pour out one drop into the bowl of water, mix to create bubbles, and then wash and dry baby. They can be in charge of filling and emptying the bowl themselves, if taught the steps. I often drew a line on the bowl for my preschoolers so they knew how much water they could put. They always got to pick if it was hot or cold. Big decision. :)

This activity teaches direction following, practical life skills and enhances sensory exploration as they play in the water.

Trucks, toy dishes, and plastic animals also like baths! And the best part--it's just water. Even if a mess is made, a quick sponging takes care of it!
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