Sunday, July 25, 2010

Toddler Counting Books

Q is ready for some counting practice. I have been scanning the library shelves for some counting books that are appropriate for toddlers. Many of the counting books are written for preschoolers and have too many words and plots that are a little too complicated for the toddler attention span. Here are two I love: (and Quinn concurs!)
TEN, NINE, EIGHT by Molly Bang is a sweet story of a little girl getting ready for bed. Along the way different things are counted like her toes, the buttons on her nighty and even hugs from Daddy. The text is short and simple and the pictures are large and uncluttered and warm. Love that this book counts backward, a great concept to begin introducing to toddlers in a story.
TEN BLACK DOTS by Donald Crews was Q's favorite book for a couple of weeks. Each number is covered with the number of dots corresponding to that number (as you can see illustrated in the cover), and then there is a matching illustration with a certain number of objects--ie: six marbles. These pictures are simple forms and abstract in nature without too many details. Some of the objects being counted were new to Quinn--there was a very old-fashioned radio with buttons being counted. I love giving her new schemas for objects she already knows--this allows her to add to her knowledge of the concept of a "radio."

I will continue to add great counting books as I come across them.

To share the books with Q, we typically just read them. If we can tell she's in the mood for it, we may point to the objects and count them, or even use her finger to point and count. Sometimes I start the count: "one, two......" and then leave off for her to finish, providing as much help as she needs. We've found she will rarely start with "one," however, and usually begins with "two," since we usually say "one" to get her started. SO I have offered opportunities for her to use the word "one" by prompts such as "what number do we say first?" or even asking her to repeat it after I say it and point.
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