Friday, July 30, 2010


A few weeks back I found a scrap of molding in a neighborhood that was doing construction. I brought it home, knowing it would be good for something! It has two groves down it. I dug in my math supplies and found my plastic shapes fit in the grooves just perfectly! I put one of each shape. Putting the shapes in the groves will help teach Q about their properties--their sides--how many each has, the lengths of the sides, etc. I will name the shapes for her as we work together. Notice I included two types of triangles. As often as you can, expose your child to different types of triangles--eqilateral, right triangles, obtuse and acute....typically children just see equilateral and right triangles and don't identify any other types. I really work to teach my kiddos that any shape with 3 sides is a triangle!
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