Thursday, July 8, 2010

Writing/Art Center

At school, the preschool teacher had a writing center with different art materials--glue, paper, scissors, tape, markers, stencils, etc. put out for the children. Q loved to stop by and visit that area and I knew she needed her own art area where she could create unstructured projects just the way she wanted to. When we do art I usually have an objective for her, so she doesn't get as much free art time as she would like. However....she is still not trustable with markers and scissors and glue, so I had to do a little bit of thinking about how she could have an art center that would be somewhat controlled so our house wouldn't get redecorated Q-style.....

My answer was a little plastic drawer box. It has a spot to hold:
-large pencils
-scotch tape
-scissors with a blunt end
-2 markers
-a bowl of crayons
-paper cut to size to fit in the drawer

Everything has a spot, which helps us teach her how to clean up. Also, I can put it up on the counter out of her reach when it isn't a good time for art. I have been letting her do art when I am in the kitchen cooking or working on the computer--that way I can keep an eye on her! She is loving it! We post some of her creations on the metal board above her little table.

I also love that we can multipurpose the little table in our kitchen--it can be used for artwork AND eating.......

And as you can see, pants are optional! :)
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