Friday, July 30, 2010

Fab-O baby toy!

A baby toy we think is fabulous???? And best of all...easy-peasy?
Feed your lil' one a carton of Beech Nut baby cereal (not all at once, of course....ha!).
When it's empty, add a dozen pennies (or beans or dry pieces of pasta) to the carton, put a little glue (I use hotglue) around the inside of the lid and screw it on. There ya have it! A perfect rattly toy. Q loved looking at the photo of the baby on the back, shaking and turning and throwing her cereal tambourine when she was a lil' thing back in the day! We had a blue one with pennies and a yellow one (Beech Nut Oatmeal, I think...) with rice inside so she could listen to the different sounds. We sometimes shook our tambourines to the beat when we sang together!

Skills: fine and gross motor, pre-literacy skills with environmental print, sound awareness, cause and effect, music skills.
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