Friday, July 2, 2010

Independence Day Inspired Art!

We used our art time today to paint some more bubble wrap. Of course you know the, white and blue! Quinn's mouth matched her bubble wrap.

We will spray paint a shish-kabob stick black to use and the flag pole and we'll have a pretty flag to display!
We also made this handprint flag. Quinn loved having me use a paintbrush to load her hand with the paint and then help her stamp it onto the paper! I think we may try to round up some stars of some sort to glue on! I knew I had to get these pics posted while I had a chance during naptime even though the projects aren't 100% finished....otherwise it might be well after the 4th that I get them up! :)

We had fun listening to different musicians (Alanis, Faith Hill, Charlie Daniels, etc.) sing the national anthem while we painted away! Quinn is very talented--she can dance and paint simultaneously.
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