Friday, July 30, 2010

Smelling Work

Always save empty spice jars, and tell your child's grandparents, aunts and uncles, the mailman, pretty much everyone you know to do the same!

My loved ones have been saving them for me. When Q was smaller we filled them with different objects--cotton balls, beans, rice, confetti, water, small toys, etc.--to make shakers for her. Now she is finally able to take the lids off (great small muscle activity as well as practical life) and she has learned to smell things! (She learned at Mimi's house with one of Mimi's candles....) I put out 6 different smells (and also tried to vary the types of jars) and she loves to take each lid off and smell the spices. My mom did this for us as kids and I still remember how much I loved sticking my nose into those jars!

This activity promotes literacy through environmental print. For older kids you can even talk about the spice that was in the jar and talk about what foods it's used in.

If you have tiny kiddos, start saving now so you'll have them saved up when they're toddlers!

Also, the ones with shakers in the top can be filled with sand, dirt, etc. and your kids can shake out what's inside!
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