Monday, July 19, 2010

Socks....oh socks....

Q is loving to throw things now. Annoying when it's her milk cup or the remote control.....but great when we can redirect her to throw something appropriate such as a small ball or some socks!
Today I emptied my sock drawer, gathered up a hand towel and a laundry basket....

I set the towel on the ground a couple feet from the basket, handed Q matched pairs of socks and encouraged her to throw them into the basket. The game also morphed into "chase the dog who just stole a pair of socks," "try Mommy's socks on your feet," "put all the socks into your push card and given them a ride around the house," and "name the colors of the socks." Added benefit for me--I got to sort out all the socks that need to go to the scrap basket in the studio and now my sock drawer is full of neatly matched pairs!

Quinn got to exercise her throwing arm (and utilize those important gross motor skills), practice her colors, use her positional words, follow directions, and have some fun on a rainy day where we're stuck inside.

For younger babies--set them inside the basket of socks and let them explore...or let them throw all the socks out...or chew on some socks....

Older babies will like pulling apart pairs--great use of muscles and pincer skills....

Preschoolers can help match socks, can throw them into the basket from a longer distance, and could even enjoy a big piece of cardboard with holes cut into it for them to try and throw socks into!

More challenges:
-throw socks high enough to hit the ceiling
-throw socks with eyes closed
-see how far down a hallway they can throw socks (mark line with masking tape)
-see how many pairs of socks they can hold without dropping any

The possibilities are as endless as the pairs of socks in your drawer!!

PS) this isn't my sock basket socks are much more boring than these!
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