Thursday, January 17, 2013

Winter Weather Dress Up Play

To go along with our studies of winter, we've had fun getting out all of our "woolens."  We have a scarf, hat, and set of mittens for each of us in the playroom.  I moved our shelf out so the back was accessible and screwed in some little cuphooks to hold woolens.  I love having items displayed individually, as opposed to being in a basket or shelf.  It's so much more fun to select our winter wear when they're displayed so nicely!

And we have a pair of mittens for each person in a little basket.  Next year we may do something with our little clothesline, some clothespins, and the mittens.  For this year the basket is working well.  Little Man loves dumping and refilling it!  And boy does he love wearing mittens or gloves on his hands!

I have a white throw we put down on the living room carpet.  We dress in our warm woolens and go out to play in the "snow."  We practice doing snow angels!  Yup, that's what we have to resort to here in Texas.  :)
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