Saturday, January 12, 2013

Pipecleaner snowflakes

I set out the stuff to make pipecleaner snowflakes--pipecleaners and a pair of small wire cutters.  Quinn loves trying to use the wirecutters.  Unfortunately she usually doesn't have enough hand strength to pop through the wire, but she sure enjoys trying!  I showed her how to fold the pipecleaners in half--making sure the ends matched up (math skill!!!!) and then to cut on the fold.  Then we refolded the half to make a "v" shape.  Three v's were twisted together to make a snowflake with six pieces.  We learned from our snow book that snowflakes have six sides. 

I had planned on letting Q brush these with glue and then go glitter crazy, but the kids have had a fun time just playing with the plain ole pipecleaners this week.  All Q wanted to make was one snowflake, then she found alternate uses for all the other pipecleaners.  Not wanting to stifle her creativity I let her do her thing.  I may revisit finishing the snowflakes next week and see if she's game.  Beck enjoyed carrying them around and spreading them across the house, too.  :)

We've always had pipecleaners available in the studio for art projects, but I've never incorporated them into play areas.  I'd suggest it!  My kids loved them.  A small pack of pipecleaners might also make a good item to take along on a road trip or in a bag to a restaurant when there might be a long wait.....lots to be done with those fuzzy bendy little guys!
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