Saturday, January 19, 2013

Ikea Easel Hack pretend play hibernation den

Wow, it took longer to type that title than it did to make this whole playspace!!  :)

We are studying winter, and of course we are reading lots of books about winter animals and learning about hibernation.  I decided it'd be fun to have a den to play in!  I took the rack that holds paint off our Ikea easel and draped an old brown duvet cover over it.  I rounded up a white fuzzy blanket to put underneath (snow!).  Ta-da!  It's a den!

The kids can crawl in and out.  We collected all the "wintery" animals we have.  It was fun sorting them into animals that hibernate and those that stay out and about during the winter. 

Our wolves, Bear and hedgehog, white winter rabbits (hiding in a hat--we've read the Jan Brett book!):

The cat loves to "hibernate" too.  I was cleaning up and threw a handful of animals inside the den this past week and heard an angry "meooooow" as I hit him with stuffed animals!

I love our Ikea easel as a basis for pretend play areas.  :)
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