Saturday, January 5, 2013

Winter Snow Painting

We've started our "Winter" studies this week! 
We drew winter trees and then made "snow paint" with equal parts flour and salt (I like the big seasalt granules) and water to the consistency we like.  I make mine a little on the runnier side--if it's too thick and pasty it will just flake right off when it dries. Last year Q painted circles to make into a snowman but they were pretty thick and when the snowman was hung up pieces kept flaking off.  The thinner version did much better this year.   It's so pretty and sparkly when it dries! 

Beck liked it, too!  He tasted it--yuck, but totally safe to eat if it happens.  I made his slightly thicker so it wouldn't drip off the brush.  He flicked some all around on the walls, but it wiped off super easy.  

Finding projects to that work well with a 4 year old and a very young 1 year old are a little tough.  He is still mouthing so much that many art materials are not appropriate, but this was a great multi-age art experience!  
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