Saturday, January 19, 2013

A spot for tea

As January came, I put away some Christmas items in the playroom and rearranged to start fresh. 
In one corner I made a simple tea area.  Beck is really enjoying taking lids on and off, so I knew he'd have fun with the teapot.  He also loves putting cups over his mouth and talking and listening to the way they "magnify" his voice.  Both kids enjoy playing with all of these items were just the ticket for the little tea corner. 

I repurposed an Ikea children's clothesline rack (given to us by sweet friends).  We sometimes use it as a clothesline, but right now I really needed a child-height table.  So I plopped a wooden tray on top and hung a pretty tea towel (hand embroidered by my grandma!) on the front and it worked perfectly.  I love coming up with new ways to use the furniture we have on hand. 

There are also some vintage embroidered coasters.  I have gotten to where I like to put out my pretty linens for us to enjoy rather than keeping them in the drawer "for something nice."  Makes me happy to see them every day!
 I also like to change out floor coverings to make little areas.  This brown baby blanket makes a great floor mat under the table (a vintage piano stool). 

I try to set the table in seasonal decor, so this is a blue cloth napkin topped with a paper doily and a wooden bowl of little wooden mushrooms.  They are part of a set of seriated mushrooms in varying sizes, but only the biggest size are appropriate right now with our little man mouthing everything.  I knew he'd enjoy taking the lid off, dumping or removing the mushrooms and replacing them.  Q enjoys passing out the mushrooms to her dolls. 

Near this area I also included Q's wooden doll highchair and a cradle, so it serves as our "home living" space in the playroom.  I typically have a homeliving/baby care area set up at all times, though it may look different from season to season. 

This area promotes practical life (table setting/clearing, food service), pretend play, and fine motor skills.
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