Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Snow nixed, shaving cream sensory play wins!

Monday we made pretend snow out of cornstarch and shaving cream.  You just mix them together and it makes a fun substance.  Except that Q had a cut on her finger and it stung her hand when she touched it.  Then Beck saw me spray the shaving cream out of the can and all he wanted was some shaving cream.  So no one played with the snow I'd been super excited about showing them.  Instead they had fun with plain ole shaving cream.

And fun for him lasted about 2 minutes.  But he did explore it for those two minutes.  And next time I bring it out he'll be engaged even longer.  Remember not to get discouraged about the amount of time toddlers (especially young ones!) stay engaged with a sensory or art experience.  Each time you revisit the material they'll most likely have longer interest, but tell yourself it's a process and not about the product--what is made, that they play for a sustained amount of time, etc.  You can try lengthening the time a bit by playing WITH them and modeling ways to use the material, but sometimes just a short spurt is enough!

Q and I drew a snowman in the shaving cream!!  She liked the plain cream because it only got on one finger and not all over into her boo-boo.  I used to love playing with shaving cream with my preschoolers and first graders--after we finished playing it was "desk cleaning" time and they used the cream to clean all the surfaces of their desks/tables. 

That's the poor, forlorn snow in the bowl.  I put it in a container and we'll try it again tomorrow!
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