Saturday, January 12, 2013

More sensory snow

I mentioned making shaving cream/cornstarch snow on Monday.  Remember my kids didn't really dig it?  Well later in the week Q asked to play with it again.  When he saw he get it down Beck started grunting for it, too, and I said he'd have to get in his highchair first.  He was so motivated he climbed up himself and was ready for his snow!  They both played and played with it (her longer than him, of course).  I had collected a little basket of items to play in the snow with--scoops, pots, lids, spoons, small pitchers, etc.  The most popular item was a metal melon baller.  He loved pounding it in the snow.  She figured out how to press snow into it and then tap it on the side of the pan to get a little half-snowball mold to pop out.  She had a blast making things from the little snowballs. 

Next week we may add winter animals or even vehicles to drive in the snow!
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