Saturday, January 26, 2013

On organizing--my monthly files.

I have several little spots for organizing my teaching things.  Of course I consider the atmosphere of our home one of my learning tools!  I have many files saved on my computer in folders named by month--ideas for January, February, etc.  A lot of people do this on Pinterest.  For me it works well on my personal hard drive. 

I also keep a file of real paper in our file cabinet.  There is a folder for each month.  I file photos from that month--ie: or Valentime card, Christmas photos, etc. and I love to get them out every year during that month.  In our August file I have pictures of Beck as a newborn as well as his first bday photos.  Next August we'll find a good place to put these in our home.  I also file magazine ideas, printouts, recipes, etc. that correspond to certain months or seasons.  I often also store artwork I might want to repost next year at the same time--Valentines the kids made, a winter picture Q painted, etc.  Usually my very favorite pieces of artwork that I want to save and display yearly. 

Each month at the beginning-ish of the month I get out my file and see what's inside and if I'll be using any of it that month.  This is a low-maintnance strategy and it works really well for me!  As you can see it's nothing fancy--my folders don't even match and are repurposed from my public school teaching days. 
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