Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Triumphal Entry Activity

We started out our week by studying the story of the triumphal entry.  We read the story in Q's children's Bible.  Then we had fun doing a craft we found here

First we made gray paint.  A good art lesson for Q on mixing a new color--she has never made gray before!

Then we painted her feet

and turned them into donkeys!

We cut them out and taped them onto her rocking horse to turn him into a donkey.  We tied a rope on it.  We went outside and cut some palm branches and got out our coats.  Then we acted out the story.  We had fun singing the different versions of "Hosanna" songs we know.  We put our coats on the ground and waved our palm branches.  We said the lines that are recorded in the gospels.  We talked about what Hosanna means ("save now").  We got out a rock for Jesus to point to when he (or the person acting as him) says "the rocks will cry out." 

Quinn LOVED this activity--every part of it!  We've acted out the story about a half dozen times.  Yesterday after we finished acting it out I went to make dinner and she had more fun just playing with the props--the donkey, the palm branches and the coats. 

Next year we're going to try to talk Daddy into letting us get a REAL donkey so we can use her for this activity.  Sounds good, right?  ;)
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