Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Counting Book

Q loves playing with stickers and I hate them.  They usually mean stickers stuck to my arm, my bootie, my feet, the baby's feet, the dog's feet....Argh.  Yesterday I was trying to get a quick task done on the computer and dodge stickers being applied all over me.  I quickly whipped up a little book.  I wrote the title and the text on each page--1 through 7 bugs.  Then I instructed Quinn to look at each number and stick that amount of bugs on the page.  She surprised me by doing it all on her own in about 5 minutes! 

This is a great activity to encourage number/quantity awareness (and to give stickers a home that doesn't involve someone's bootie.) 

For younger kids you can put dots on the page and they can match each sticker to a dot.  For older kids, try having them put the stickers in pairs (to introduce odd/even) or even fives or tens.  Use bigger numbers!  Stamps would also work.....
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