Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Crown of thorns

Today we made playdough crown of thorns.  Not rocket science, but we had fun and we had a good conversation about how Jesus LET the soldiers put the crown on his head...just another way he showed his love for us.  AND I have been talking to Quinn about how if we have God in our hearts we can even be kind to people who aren't kind to us, so this was a great example.
I had a conversation with some wise friends this week and one of them pointed out that we tend to focus in on the actual crucifixion, but the entire walk to the cross was also a shameful, painful way for Jesus to demonstrate his love for us and it's a great thing to remember.  That ties in so closely with our Stations of the Cross cards....
This activity also reminded me of some fine motor activities that are especially appealing to little boys--crayon breaking--can also use thin sticks or toothpicks
This really works the small muscles in the fingers and the wrists and also allows a constructive way for young children to break things apart.  In my preschool class I put out a small bowl of old crayons for children to break into small pieces.  We then melted the small pieces in a muffin tin to make big crayons with mixed up colors.  You could do the same thing with the sticks or toothpicks (obviously not the melting part...).
Plus this is a good area to send children to when they are using their "breaking hands" or "rough hands" in other areas.  "You may take breaking hands to the crayon-breaking work."  A positive way to get out any need to break something.  :)

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