Monday, April 2, 2012

Pulling Work for the little one

Beck is ready for some new learning materials!  I made him this one:

I tied different ribbons onto some rings I rounded up in the studio (Did you notice that I save lots of random stuff?  Anytime I have something interesting that "might" be useful for something I throw it in a big wicker basket in my studio for a later project.)  I used a lighter to seal the ends of the ribbons so they won't frey if he chews on them.

The point of this work is for him to pull the rings out by their strings.  It teaches motor control, cause-effect relationships (pull the string and the ring comes out), memory, and texture awareness--I tried to use different feeling ribbons--grosgrain, smooth, crunchy, stretchy, etc. 

The large container is a pancake mix tub we used camping a while back.  I saved it, and it came in perfect for this project!
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