Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pencil Sharpening Work

This is a popular montessori activity in the practical life area.  It also works fine motor skills by twising the pencils and holding the small sharpener. 

Set out some pencils that need sharpened, a bowl for shavings, and a small sharpener.  You may also want to have a small handbroom and dustpan nearby for cleaning up any stray shavings.  We keep a little handbroom/dustpan along the side of the fridge and Q knows she can get it to clean up messes. 

Pencil Sharpening seems to be very popular with 4's and 5's and even my first graders really enjoyed it.  In first grade I had two cans--one labeled "Sharp" and one labeled "dull" for the students to keep them in the right containers. 

You can also put out a crayon sharpening center--and shavings can be used for all sorts of art projects...making new crayons, melting between wax paper, etc. 
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