Monday, April 2, 2012

Stations of the Cross Cards/manipulatives

In our preparation for commemorating the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus we are reflecting on the passion story. I have decided to use the stations of the cross to help us focus. To begin with I looked online and found a set of the cards that I liked, printed them out and laminated them. I used stickers to put the cardinal numbers (1,2,3) on the cards so that Q could put them in order herself (ding--GREAT math skill!).
Then I got out my Bible and scoured through the crucifixion stories in the 4 gospels to help me know what manipulatives to place with each card.

1 (Jesus condemned to death) ROPE
2 (Jesus carries his cross) CROSS
3 (Jesus falls the first time) Bandaid with a 1 on it

4 (Jesus meets his mother) DOLL TO REPRESENT MARY
5 (Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus) CLOTHESPIN SIMON
6 (Veronica wipes the face of Jesus ) PIECE OF A TOWEL
*The story of Veronica is not in the gospel accounts--but today I talked to Quinn about how Jesus was unusual in that he associated with women and children and they were with him on his walk to the cross and were taking care of him.

7- (Jesus falls a second time) BANDAID WITH 2 ON IT
8- (Jesus and the women of Jerusalem) TISSUES
9-(Jesus falls the third time) BANDAID WITH 3 ON IT

10- (Jesus is striped of his garments) PIECE OF FABRIC CUT INTO A COAT
11- (Jesus is nailed to the cross) NAIL
12-(Jesus dies on the cross) LAMB
*we talked about how Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice that wouldn't have to be offered again and again and he was called the "Lamb of God."

13- (Jesus is taken down from the cross) CLOTHESPIN COLORED WITH RED FOR BLOOD
14- (Jesus is left in the tomb) ROCK

Quinn started out by putting the cards in order herself.
Then I sat down with her and we talked about each card and what the gospels say about that particular event. For some of the cards I had verses I shared with her (a key verse for each could be easily written on the back of each card and memorized). We spent a long time talking about some of the events because she had a lot of questions. So of the stuff we talked about went totally over her head (of course!) but the concepts are beginning to come together for her as much as possible in that three year old little mind!

She LOVED this activity. I love that it makes the story of Jesus and the words from the Bible tangible and visual for her in a way that is appropriate for her development. After we finished working with the stations she sat and played with the pieces for a while longer--internalizing the objects and events.

Across from our neighborhood is a church with a garden set up with the stations of the cross. I am excited to practice them with her and then take her there toward the end of the week for a prayer and remembrance time together.


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