Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Writing Table

Something we've had in our living space since Quinn was around 18 months old was a writing/art table.  We started out keeping a simple art box on top of the fridge that I got down for her when she wanted to write or when I prompted her to do it--it held markers, pencils, crayons, stickers, tape, and different paper choices.  
Just after her 2nd birthday she was able to be independent with writing tools, so we set the box down on the table for her to use (only at the table!) whenever she desired.  Around her 3rd birthday we had to add a little basket under the table to hold additional notebooks, notecards, envelopes, etc.  We also added blunt-tipped scissors at this time. 
This past spring I found a great little mail center at the Salvation Army.  It was ugly brown, so I spraypainted it green, sanded it to "antique" it a bit and put a new knob on the drawer.  It works great for organizing her writing supplies and looks nicer than the plastic box.  
We've always spent time teaching her to use the different writing tools and she has done great with them.  She has a stapler, tape dispenser, glue bottle, and lots of writing tools now.  Beck also likes to use the writing table and is learning the tools, as well.  The scissors are "off limits until you're 2 years old," so of course he always heads right for those and they get promptly removed by Big Sister. :)
It's amazing how often Quinn will sit and write, draw, cut, and create on her own.  It's a soothing place for her to be, her own little corner that isn't too far away from the rest of us so she can still see what is going on with dinner prep, etc.  Right now she loves writing letters, especially when she gets to put a stamp on them.  She brings the letter to me, I draw a small "s" where the stamp goes and then she gets one from my drawer and does the rest herself. Now she knows where the stamp goes, but she still likes me to draw that "s." 

Do you have a writing area?  Simple is perfect!  

If you have a writing table, what can you change/improve/add/take away to cater to your child's current development?

So many skills are developed here--independence, literacy, fine motor, creativity, problem solving....I could go on and on!