Friday, May 17, 2013

Rabbit art for spring

Catching up a bit...during our rabbit studies in March we learned a lot about rabbits.  Here is some of the artwork/crafts my kids did. 
This was a simple one--the goal was for my daughter to practice using a glue bottle and apply controlled amounts of glue by squeezing appropriately.  This is a hard task for little hands!  Great fine motor skill.  I cut out a rabbit template from black cardstock and then set out a basket of different choices of rabbit "fur"--felt, faux fur, fleece, etc.  She glued them on.  This was a task she was able to do all on her own and she was very proud of her work!  I had planned for Beck to do this, as well, but it just didn't work out this week with our schedule and he didn't end up completeing it.  With him I was going to put the glue dots on and let him stick on the fur.  Also he could apply glue with a paintbrush. 

Quinn and I made the below rabbits.  We talked about the parts of rabbits and then I drew them on brown paper.  We both cut out and glued our own pieces and the results are sweet!  Love how different they look!  The goal here was for Q to practice cutting precisely and also to glue things together--a tricky task--knowing which piece to put the glue on and how to attach the papers in the correct order is a big job!  We adults sometimes forget about all the little processes that make up a larger task!  It's great to take moments to sit with children and work through art skills such as this. 

We love the book RABBITYNESS.  After we read the book I printed out 3 different rabbit templates and gave each of us one and we painted them with all different colors.  Wish I could have taken a pic of the kids'--they were so bright and fun--but Q quickly gave them away, so they are bedecking another fridge these days.  We had a lot of fun with this simple, low maintnance art activity and my kids loved having so many paint colors to choose from.  I used muffin tins--squirted a bit in each compartment.  Beck, of course, mixed em all up, but Quinn used a cup of water to rinse between each color and hers stayed "unbrown." 
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