Friday, May 17, 2013

Tips for preparing for a seperation....part 2

Another thing I did--I got her a special stuffed animal that was new for her to sleep with while we were apart.  She LOVES cheetahs, so I found this cheetah at the Goodwill for $2.  I threw him into the washing machine and he was perfect!  We gave him to her the morning we left and spent some time picking out his name--Rispin.  She took these pictures while she played with him during the time we were apart.

And that reminds me...I also gave her one of our old point and shoot cameras and a quick lesson on how to use it (we practiced for a few days before we left on the trip).  She took lots of pictures while we were apart, and her grandparents took some, too.  I LOVED coming home, popping her sd card in my computer and seeing what she did while we were gone.  Even if the majority were blurry.  :)  She felt SO GROWN UP to get to have possession of her own camera.   
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