Sunday, May 19, 2013

Little Kitchen

I try to rearrange our little kitchen area on a somewhat frequent basis to reignite my kids' interest in it.  Oftentimes it becomes something else--bakery, birthday party setting, ice cream shop, but other times it is just a plain ole kitchen!  For the spring that was the case. 

Ms. Mouse and her highchair sat in the corner. 

There was a laundry area, as well.  Q enjoys clothespinning her little doll clothes to the line.  Someday we'll use my washboard to really wash the clothes and hang them to dry for real!

These wooden jars are a recent Goodwill find.  LOVE them!  They have so many uses.  To start with, I just put them out on a little try in the kitchen. 

Nearby is a cradle for sleepy babes and the little table with a springy tablecovering.  I use scarves, placemats, cloth napkins or small pieces of fabric to change out the table covering according to the season.  There was a white pitcher with flowers in it that went on the table, too, but for some reason it's missing in this picture, so imagine it there, okay?

A tray with cloth napkins and pretty napkin rings.  Q loves setting the little table with these!  Her brother just loves carrying them around.