Saturday, June 15, 2013

Baby Care Area (pretend play)

We have a few different pieces of baby furniture.  I like to rotate them through the playroom so that there is a change of scenery every now and then.  So I put away the wooden cradle that had previously been out (it actually fits inside of a wooden trunk I use as a lamp table in our living room, so that's where I store it when not in use...) and got these bunk beds back out.

I am also loving "rug stacking"--I've done this in several places of my home--using two smaller rugs overlapping to make a larger rug (to fill a space that needs something bigger.)  And I am even trendy with this--I've since seen it done in catelogs for home decor!

I placed a little rocking chair nearby for baby rockin', put up a pretty wood burned deer picture (from my favorite antique store), and set up a little shelf with essentials.

 I set up a little area for baby care.  We have lots of baby things--doll clothes, bottles, carriers, etc., but children seem to do best (and play most imaginatively) when they have just a few choices at a time.  So I set up a little tray of "babyfood" in wooden jars with some little baby spoons.  I had thought about putting little paper babyfood labels on these jars, but my kids were enjoying them so much as-is that it seemed unnecessary.

The second shelf holds two baby bottles and a burpcloth.  

The bottom shelf holds a little basket with two doll diapers (cloth diapers my mom made!) and a couple of doll-sized bibs.  

My kids have enjoyed this area so much!  Both of them (1 yr and 4 yrs) love to feed, change and rock the babies over here and I feel like they play so much more imaginative than when they have more items--in that case they mostly just spend all their playtime rifling through the items and not as much pretending.  
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