Saturday, May 4, 2013

Wise words on developmental stages....

On a blog I occasionally peruse, I came across a mother's reflection on her preteen's birthday.  She was talking about her daughter, as she made the venture into the teenage years and the author says,

"I'm really excited, if a little nervous, about where she's going. And like every developmental phase in parenting so far, I'm surprised to discover that we are ready for it. It's easy to dread things that haven't come yet, but I am learning that once you are there, it's not as scary. We know our daughter. She's our eleven-year-old, not someone else's. Parenting her has not been "easy" (she's sort of a classic "high need" child), but every step along the way, we have gotten to know her, and we've grown right along with her. I'm proud of her and confident that as she reaches the teen years, our relationship with her will continue to grow and blossom, just as she will."


I "bolded" the phrases that particularly stuck with me.  I think as a mom I sometimes worry unneccessarily about upcoming stages.  When Q was a baby I worried whether I'd have what it takes to parent a toddler.  Then a preschooler.  And of course there's the sheer horror of a teenager.  And older parents don't help this at all, peppering us with phrases like, "Just WAIT until she's a teenager," or "When she gets to school it's going to be horrible keeping up with everything." 

I feel so encouraged by these wise words--"she's OUR daughter, not someone else's."  And of course the road--every part of it--from the elementary years to the teenage to the young adult years--will have its challenges.  But they're OUR kids, and we know them like the back of our hands.  And we have a Father who knows them even BETTER than that.  So I am officially giving up worrying about the teenage years.  We'll make it.......