Thursday, March 11, 2010

YUMMY powerballs...cook these with your kids!

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Here is a "kid friendly" recipe we are loving at our house. I actually didn't get Quinn involved in this one yet, but know in a year or two she will love it!

Toddlers, preschoolers and even older kids can help measure and mix and roll the little balls!

For younger kids, I would practice rolling balls with playdough first, before moving on to the powerball dough. I always stretched cooking activities over a whole week with my kiddos when I taught. First we would spend time talking about the ingredients and look at them, feel them, smell them, talk about where they came from (besides the store!!).....Then we would talk about the procedure and practice any parts that might be new to us--we might "chop" using styrofoam and plastic knives, or roll balls with playdough.....This turns cooking activities into rich learning experiences.

I also taught my students--especially my first graders--how to write recipes. They each always wrote a copy of the recipe to take home! Younger kids who aren't writers can draw the steps using pictures and numbers/letters they know. Of course give them a real recipe card (or two!) to make it authentic.....

Back to the powerballs....I make big batches, put a dozen at a time in the fridge for on-the-run breakfasts and healthy snacks, and then freeze the rest in ziplocks.

We like crasins in ours, but I also want to try dried apples and dried apricots soon. Also, when the batter gets too sticky to roll into balls well, I add a tablespoon or so of water and that really helps! You can also pop the bowl of batter in the fridge and let it harden up (un-stick-ify) a bit!

This recipe is from a great magazine that has been discontinued called Wondertime. :(

Lemme know what you think, if you make them!

PS) I found flax seeds in the baking isle by the bread mixes and flour.
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